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Hanging out with Limberg and Rodney.

Hanging out with Limberg and Rodney.

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My mom refuses to buy me a new DS because she says I’m way too old for that and that it was designed for children 12 and under. Reblog this if you’re older than 12 and have a DS so I can prove her wrong.

I’m 22 and have a 3DS. Never too old or young to have something you enjoy.

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I’ve seen a few people who are kinda worried that other people will ruin their town when they come visit, and let’s face it, so am I! So reblog if you respect other people’s towns and their rules!

ill never touch anyone elses town my pretties u.u

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New tag & compilation 2.0!

Tag your posts with #acnl premium to let people know what Reese is paying double for in your town! Track the tag to find the best town to sell your items (think perfect fruit!).

Tips for posts:

  • Include the date, time and time zone in your post to let others know how current it is.
  • Include your FC in the post and keep your ask box so people can respond with theirs.

Dont forget dis

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Anyone free at the moment so I can get some animals to sign Poppy’s petition? :D

A big than you to the Mayor of Da Booty for helping me!

Anyone free at the moment so I can get some animals to sign Poppy’s petition? :D

A big than you to the Mayor of Da Booty for helping me!

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I could believe it. Frita is one sassy wrestler.

I could believe it. Frita is one sassy wrestler.

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So I didn’t go on animal crossing for a few days and the day I played it again, Skye was leaving the next day. She was my favorite in Dundy and my husbands favorite too. Oh! Also Frita moved as well.

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WHY!!! Willow is crap at placing her house.

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Poppy is so cute when she’s getting her trophy! :3

Poppy is so cute when she’s getting her trophy! :3

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I made a powerpoint-like presentation. I saw a post on tumblr about someone having had two of their Jacob Ladders taken during a Wi-Fi session. You may say “What’s the big deal? They’re just flowers.” The big deal is that Jacob Ladders do not occur in town randomly. They can only appear in town when your town reaches perfect status. This is easier to do with the beautiful ordinance, but it is still something you have to work towards.

I personally was incredibly angry at this. I had no right to be angry because it did not happen to me. I was angry because lately, the Animal Crossing Tumblr Community has been pretty angry. We’re normally a community of love and friendship, but there are people hating on other people in the fandom.

I was also angry because people need to have more respect when they visit another town. They think that because it is not their home town, that they can treat it however they want. That is why I said what I said in the fourth slide: It is their town. Not your play ground.

I want to start a campaign, in a way. The campaign would be based off of that slogan. It would be a list of people who have treated a town as their play ground. We would keep a blacklist of people, either on a side blog with a few people running it, or as a list that goes around. Either way, I want this to get signal boosted and have a lot of notes because this is a very important problem.

This will be the not your play ground campaign. So if you want a tag for it that’s your tag.

omfg yes!!!!! Every time I have a turnip spike I am so reluctant to help people out because there is that one jerk who comes in and steals stuff! And I’ve also dealt with people whining and begging me to come to their town and it gets so out of hand ahfdshfds and then they think I am a jerk but I just couldn’t go at the time? Gah

love this post sfm

YES. WE NEED THIS. Specially on here!! It seems people on tumblr really dont get town rules at times, which is why i only really wifi new people on ACC because there’s a rating system and most people know there are town rules.

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Sterling just doesn’t care about his Mayor. ; -;

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Thanks Sterling for reminding me.

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Hello everyone! Recently I noticed that hybrid flowers have become increasingly popular not only that but that breeding your own is extremely difficult! I researched around and for people who don’t have the patience or time to breed hybrids, buying their own is really expensive! Unless you have a few thousand bells to spend (which some people do have) so I decided to open up a flower shop. I love breeding flowers, I was always breeding flowers in WW & CF, so it made sense to start breeding in ACNL too. 

How the flower shop will work

  1. Step one, if I have a flower in stock that you’d like to purchase we can set up a meeting time and once that’s settled and friend codes are exchanged you can come pick up your flower~
  2. image If I don’t have a flower/item you’d like in stock but you’d like to request a specific color or amount please feel free to send me a PM about it!

How buying flowers will work

  • Once friend codes are exchanged you are free to come over if my gate is open. Once over you’ll head over to Mayor Lune’s house where I’ll give you a tour of my flower shop. Once inside you are free to look at the rest of the rooms in my house and if you’d like to catalog anything please feel free to ask!
  • Once your order is placed, I will ask you to step outside and then I will pick up your order and gift wrap it.
  • I will then drop your order in a free space in front of my house and you are free to pick it up and make sure it’s all accounted for, once you are satisfied please feel free to drop your payment wherever there is a free space.
  • While in town you are free to shop, talk to all the villagers and catch fish and bugs. Feel free to explore to your heart’s content just remain on the path’s and please don’t take any flowers!

Flower Prices

Just so there is no confusion, 400 means 400 bells not  400 thousand, and 2,000 means 2,000 and not 200 thousand bells!


imageblue pansies 500 bells each 

image orange pansies 400 bells each

imagepurple pansies 4,000 bells each

Cosmos & Tulips

image  pink cosmos 500 bells each 

image orange cosmos 400 bells each

imagepink tulips 400 bells each

 image orange tulips 500 bells each


image Please note that blue, black and purple roses are a bit more expensive because they are much harder to breed! 

imageblue roes 2,000 each

image black roses 800 for two

image gold roses 1,000 each

image purple roses 2,000 for two

imagepink roses 800 for two

image orange roes 400 each 


  image Please keep in mind that carnations are harder to come by and as such are the most expensive!

image pink carnations 3,000 each

image  red carnations 2,000 each 

image  white carnations 1,000 each


image If a balloon isn’t in stock but you’d like it just let me know and I’ll keep an eye out for one for you! All balloons are 1,000 bells each~

image  bunny cyan balloon   

image  red heart balloon   

image pink heart balloon 

image pink bunny balloon 

image yellow bunny balloon

image  red bunny balloon

image cyan balloon

image  purple balloon

image blue balloon

image pink balloon

image  orange balloon

image  green heart balloon

image  yellow heart balloon

image  blue heart balloon

image bamboo 400 for 6 shoots 

image  silver slingshots 400 each 

image tweeter 500

image bubble wand 400

image all ice cream is 200 bells each

image pinwheel 400 each


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Dotty’s catchphrase is “Knob ‘ead” and it just fits so perfectly.

Dotty’s catchphrase is “Knob ‘ead” and it just fits so perfectly.

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